The Two Minute Motivator (CD Album)

Training Teachers


For Christian workers, there are 50 helpful sessions -- 2 minutes each. Never wait for someone else to come along and get you going. You should learn to motivate yourself!

Some of the 50 sessions:

  • I can plod with the best of them
  • Add to your giftedness
  • Intentional personal progress
  • The gain of practice
  • Your legacy equals your influence
  • "Negative Ned" and "It Won't Work Wilma"
  • Persistence is a choice we make
  • Avoiding personal stagnation
  • Beware the illusion of knowledge
  • A sense of urgency!
  • Questions always bring clarity
  • Your decision to improve yourself is perfect
  • Think achievement
  • Seek momentum
  • When your dream is larger than you are
  • and 35 more!


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