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The experiences, the training, and the large amount of books read have all contributed to this 289-page book on TEACHING! I rarely see a book on teaching in Bible Bookstores.

The scope is to touch teachers from the full spectrum of children -- teens -- and adults. Therefore, in each chapter the content will bring illustrations and application to all three age levels of students.

We have quoted from over fifty books in this one book. Authors, even aged authors say what we need to hear a whole lot better than I can, therefore I give it to you just as they gave it to me.
Contents per chapter:

1. Fifty characteristics of great teachers!
2. They could learn, if they would learn, in my classroom!
3. The greater purpose of teaching -- Life Change!
4. The teachers week of preparation!
5. The Spirit of God in it all / The prayer life of the teacher!
6. The teacher's time of presentation!
7. Application is why you teach. Don't leave home without it!
8. Methods, techniques, and classroom involvement!
9. Evaluating or verifying my ministry of teaching!
10. Heaven! For Sure and Forever!

Your failure to improve your teaching is Greater than the student's disinterest.

This book covers those who teach children -- teens -- or adults. It is principles of teaching for all teachers!

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