Teacher's Quick Reference Notebook

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Every teacher needs to add a little help here and there to their personal teaching library. Some things will help them find an answer quickly, and that's what our Quick Reference notebook is about! It is a six-section full notebook with colorful dividers.

Section 1 Classroom Involvement! Includes 100 teaching ideas and ways to implant classroom involvement!

Section 2 Visual Techniques. Ideas for using the white marker board, sword drills, home-made visual game boards, PowerPoint games, flat pictures, card games, etc.

Section 3 Counseling Children. 24-pages covering such areas as: (1) Talking to a lost child (2) What confuses children? (3) What signs "tip us off" to their need of salvation? And more...

Section 4 Character Traits. Includes various conducts, listed alphabetically, with a definition and references. 40-traits to encourage good character when you see it, and 29-traits to help you deal with negative character.

Section 5 Salvation Issues. 25-pages cover such areas as: (1) Understanding the sin problem. (nature) (2) When can a child believe? (a choice) Which sin takes one to hell? Illustrating sin to children. And much more...

Section 6 Bible Words. 118 definitions of Bible words that you use all the time, but do not always define or illustrate to your students. Words such as: adversary, atonement, begotten, believe, beseech, bless/blessed, chasten, commendeth, holy, and more...

Extras include a 64-page booklet call the "Discipleship Rollbook", a great tool for your discipleship. A full-color salvation booklet and sample tracts, all included! 

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