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Training Teachers has many great resources for teachers of all varieties. One of our most helpful resources is our training courses held in local churches across the nation. Below is a listing of the training courses we have to offer. Use the form at the bottom of the page to request a training course near you or contact us for more information.

Teacher TrainingThis is where we recommend you start.  some of our topics in the 70-page workbook for each include:

1. Teachers cause thinking to take pace in the classroom.
2. How to “master” teaching method and techniques.
3. Learning is active, not passive.
4. 14 note pages on application of God’s truth into their real life.
5. The teachers emotions and mannerism.

And much much more!

Children's MinistryFor this in-person training, each attendee receives this 59 page personal workbook.  Covers 5-major areas throughout: Evangelize, Disciple, Teach, Train, Provide Opportunities (for kids to serve the Lord). The significance of a teacher. Learning styles and preferences. Scores of ideas for student interaction. The first six minutes of class. Sample lessons, involving students. Sharing Christ with children. The discipline or control of students. Using visuals. Teacher's mannerisms. Sharing Christ with children. Developing Mission-hearted children. Teaching children to serve the Lord. And more...

This four-hour, 60-page workbook for each is designed for all teachers and workers to understand the great principles that cause growth in the church. Whatever you dream you will not arrive unless your well trained lay teachers and workers take you there. We'll clarify the areas of (1) A Plan for Organization and Accountability (2) A Plan for Prospecting and Enrollment (3) A Plan for an Aggressive Evangelistic Outreach and more. You cannot attain a #1 Dream with a #6 Team, but you can with a #1 Team! See our book A #1 Team, Pursuing A #1 Dream! It's the basis for this training.

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