Our Story

Abb Thomas

Abb Thomas has been training teachers for over 40 years! His passion is to train those who are Sunday School teachers, Children’s Church workers, bus ministry workers, and teen ministry workers to be effective in teaching God’s Word!

Abb graduated from Tennessee Temple University (TTU) in 1974. In 1969, he was asked by Dr. Lee Roberson to direct the teenage ministry of Highland Park Baptist Church (HPBC) while still attending TTU. A year later he also took on the role of Children’s Ministry Director.

It was at HPBC that Abb began compiling the children’s training course that would later be known as “Master Clubs.” This ministry is a nine-year discipleship program for 3-year-olds through 6th grade. Master Clubs is now being used in hundreds of churches across America. Abb and Janice were at Highland Park for twenty years until 1990 when they moved the Master Clubs ministry to First Baptist Church in Milford, OH, under the leadership of Dr. Charles Keen and now Dr. Bill Duttry. The ministry is still thriving there today. Having turned Master Ministries and Master Clubs over to an extremely capable staff in 2010, Abb has dedicated the rest of his life to training teachers in the church settings and enhance their teaching abilities.

The Thomas family has four children who have been great blessings. Their fourth child, Paul, is a Down Syndrome child who travels to most training sessions and conferences. Paul serves the Lord alongside his father and mother, and he is a great joy to all he meets.

Pray for the Thomas family as they continue to strive toward the furtherance of the Gospel! They love serving the Lord!