Teaching (CD Album)

Training Teachers


30 Essential Principles in 7-minute sessions to help enhance your teaching ability. Whether you teach children, teens, or adults, you will enjoy these principles of teaching! Find that 7-minute spot as you drive to work or the store. Fill those short time slots with a good idea. Some of the 30 Principles:

The teach one "big idea" or main point, not multiple points.
They involve the God-given "senses".
They cause thinking to take place in the classroom.
The "master" teaching techniques that help clarify the truth.
The clearly identify the application in real life.
Lesson preparation must begin early (the reasons why).
They know that content is not the goal -- Life Change is the goal
God has entrusted you to teach your class. You must improve yourself! You must set your goal to become a "specialist" in teaching and discipling your age group.
May God use this series of CD sessions to help you! Listen again and again until it becomes the way you teach.

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