Intentional Self-Motivation (CD Album)

Training Teachers


If there is poor self-motivation from those who are the followers of Christ, it will affect the accomplishing of the church mission. Learn to "Push Yourself" to accomplish more.

Motivation! We all need it, but it sounds like work. Show me someone with self-motivation and a worthy goal and I will show you a goal that will be reached soon! Extrinsic motivation is what I am trying to give here, in order to trigger your own self-motivation (intrinsic).

A few of the 18 topics in 15-minute listening sessions:

Increased Passion Moves Me.
Out-achieving Myself Is The Best Comparison
The Greatest Mover Is The Mission
Decisiveness Gets Me "Off The Dime"
Evaluation Initiates Greater Achievement
Focus Keeps Me On Target
Clarifying My role Settles My "To Do List"
Fulfillment Keeps The Dream Alive
Refusing To "Put The Lid On" Pushes Me Above Ordinary

Keep this album in your car for those short drives, and keep feeding yourself with motivational essentials!

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