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I loved doing this book for those who teach children. So many teachers I meet almost every week just fail to read. Some actually have little desire to put in the effort to improve.

How about a book that takes you three minutes a week to find a new idea for teaching children?

Would you give God three minutes a week to improve your teaching?

You can read one idea a week for the next two years, for the book is two hundred pages. You could read two ideas a week for the next year, if you are so dedicated to spending six minutes a week to improve your abilities!
Just a few examples of the topical ideas include:

  1. Involving the God-given senses.
  2. Object lessons.
  3. Illustrating sin from the Bible.
  4. Teach one big point or idea.
  5. Application must saturate your lesson.
  6. Being careful with words and terms.
  7. Visuals are how we all learn best.
  8. The Learning Process for kids.
  9. Methods and Techniques.
  10. Bringing your lesson to a decision.
  11. The teacher's mannerisms.
  12. Controlling the discipline of children.

200 ideas fill this book. None of us have arrived. You have yet to have your best day or your best year in teaching. It is ahead! The more you learn in communicating God's Word, the more likely His message will hit it's mark. We must be life-long learners, and put our learning into practice!

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